“Foamy” joins the Halloween Hoopla for Black Cat 13….

For over a decade, comic artist, animator, writer & musician Jonathan Ian Mathers has accumulated a worldwide audience with his humor, style (& rantings) at Ill Will Press. In the tradition of classic underground comics, his characters express social, environment, pop culture & personal issues entwined in stylized cartoons that once started, involve you. We’re delighted to present a short offering drawn exclusively by Mathers for Black cat 13, and we know you’ll get a bang out of the art & stories we’ve gathered up for you this issue!

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Pinted in Glorious “HAUNT-O-RAMA”…

A digital download version of Black Cat 13 #1 is finally here with some interactive extras. In the spirit of pre-code & underground comics, this 10th anniversary edition will be presented with orange & black ink interiors in direct homage to EC’s Shock Illustrated (’55-56) & Gary Arlington’s Thrilling Murder comics (’71) printed in “Bloodarama”. BONUS 3 track haunted music sampler created by acclaimed haunted attraction sound master Michael Hedstrom included in this interactive pdf (Acrobat X or later recommended). Join us for a haunted ride into the Halloween world of Black Cat 13 and get your premiere digital edition, now just a download away!